Job in Band: Drums
Gear of Choice: 
Tama, Sabian, Evans, Roland, Gibraltar, Peterson Tuners, Proudly Endorses Los Cabos Drumsticks 
Favorite Band(s): 
KISS, Alice Cooper, Lamb of God, Tyr, Judas Priest, Skeletonwitch, Twilight Force
Favorite Movie(s): 
Rambo (all of them), Predator, Scarface, The Departed, American History X, This Is Spinal Tap, Whiplash 
Quote to Live By: 
"I'm suspicious of people who don't like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn't like a person." 
- Bill Murray

Job in Band: Lead Vocals 
Favorite Band(s): Opeth, Acid Bath, 16 Horsepower, Tears for Fears, Emperor
Favorite Movie(s): The Crow, Interview with a Vampire, Ginger Snaps, Excalibur, Psycho Beach Party
​Quote to Live By: A man who limits his interests, limits his life. 
-Vincent Price

Gord Alexander

Through a belief in perseverance and a strong dedication to hard work, Tessitura was born of the frozen soils of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The brain child of the quintessential “youth gone wild”, it is built on a foundation of classic inspiration and erected of modern technicality and eager freshness.

It was in the latter years of secondary school when guitarist Stephan Ceña, bassist Leillyn McColman and drummer Gord Alexander discovered each other in the artistic tundra of the high school halls. At this time, the three were individually struggling to find like-minded people to join them in their metallic exploration. When they sounded their first notes in the jam-space, it was like fireworks. When they felt Ceña's thick axe-work over monstrous rhythms, they felt a magic and desire to continue. After struggling to find a fitting fourth member, Ceña brought forth his vocal chops and became the finishing touch on the three-piece frieght train that would become Tessitura. Bringing its work public in 2008, Tessitura began gigging the Edmonton club scene as they worked vigorously compiling a collection of their first written material.

2009 brought forth a new chapter in the Tessitura book; one that included recording and concluding a thickened line up with a second guitar player. Shayne Yap, Ceña's cousin, became a part of the band after seeing potential and skill while attending various live gigs. His unique ability to float a complex lead over a thunderous body of heaviness was the glue in the bands unknowingly lacking sound. Yap joined the band on stage in mid 2009 and made his presence well-known on their debut full-length album, 'Battle to Eternity'.

'Battle to Eternity' was released in June 2010 and was the bands first chance to showcase themselves beyond the live environment. It shows the evolution of a rooting band, struggling to find their musical self. With a record under their belt and having used the process to learn and find their natural style, the sky was the limit as they began the writing stages of their next album.

'Savage Embrace', released in 2013, was Tessitura's second album. It was also the first recorded collection of material that demonstrated what they now proudly identify as the 'Tessitura sound'. The album was well received and even landed radio play on various online stations such as Insane Realm Radio.

Shortly after the release of 'Savage Embrace', with the success of the album very fresh, Shayne Yap made the decision to leave Tessitura. This event caused the band to stop in its tracks. Despite the sudden halt of momentum, this was the beginning of the next era of Tessitura.

In late 2013, Chris Devries became the new guitarist of Tessitura. His technical death metal background and immense ability to both play and learn were a breath of fresh air. His style fit into the Tessitura sound perfectly, while also bringing forth a heaviness and grit that the band had yet to explore.

With Devries established, Tessitura hit the ground running, fiercely attacking the underground metal scene with their newly found power, working tirelessly on new material for a forthcoming release.

Happy as the band was with progress being made, they saw a chance to improve and began exploring the options of a fifth member assigned to Lead Vocals. In mid-2016, Canadian underground metal veteran Cyn Mercredi joined Tessitura as the Lead Vocalist. Despite being long-time fans of Mercredi, the band was taken aback by the sheer talent and raw energy that she brought to the band. The addition of Cyn offered a widened sound with a dual vocal attack, as well as an undeniably infectious energy in the live environment.  

With the new addition, Tessitura gained momentum gigging and began the recording of their third album, when in early 2017, guitarist Chris Devries made the decision to leave the band. Chris' departure didn't cause any slowdown in the pace of Tessitura. They continued playing live and expanding outside of the Edmonton stronghold with guitarist Tyler Letourneau (Immunize, Quietus) filling in until the guitarist position was filled by Tres Thomas. 

2018 brought forth the long awaited release of 'Unearth the Underworld' - a five track record of hard-hitting anthems. The release of 'Unearth the Underworld' sky-rocketed the popularity of the band with performances at some of Canada's premier festivals: Loud as Hell (Drumheller, AB), Metallion (Prince George, BC) and Decimate (Calgary, AB). Tessitura currently continues to perform on the 'Unearth the Underworld' promotional run as they eager write a follow up.

Stephan Ceña

Job in Band: Bass
Gear of Choice: 
Schecter, Mesa, Peavey
Favorite Band(s): 

Symphony X, Spiral Architect, Kalmah
Favorite Movie(s): 
The Avengers, Empire Strikes Back
Quote to Live By: 
"If you wish to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." - Carl Sagan

Cyn Mercredi

Job in Band: Guitar, Vocals
Gear of Choice: 
Jackson, EVH, Mesa, TC Electronics, iSP Technologies, Ibanez, EMG, Outlaw Effects 
Favorite Band(s): 
Amorphis, Cradle of Filth, Hypocrisy, Vader, Kreator, Bloodbath, Entrails
Favorite Movie(s): 
The Skin I Live In, What We Do In The Shadows, I Saw The Devil, Ip Man, The Raid Redemption, Iron Monkey 
Quote to Live By: 
"Evil is a point of view." -Anne Rice 

Leillyn McColman